Welcome to Cap Est

  • In the park, the coconut trees sway to the serene rhythm of the trade-winds.  Humming-birds sip nectar from the bougainvillea flowers.  Beyond the white sand beach, the warm turquoise waters of the lagoon are waiting for you to take your first bathe in southern seas. But maybe you would prefer the elegant tranquillity of your suite or the refreshing and soothing water of your private little pool?
    During the following days, you can take a trip out on to the lagoon in a sea kayak or on a wind-surfer, discover the more exciting sensations of kite-surfing, explore the François islets in an boat, drink a lil’ punch on the Fonds Blancs, or get deep into the soul and history of Martinique by visiting its rum distilleries.
    And then you have a lifetime before you to rest in your suite, swim in the pool, or relax in the spa.
    Don’t hesitate.  Make the most of happiness.  It’s now.
    We have prepared everything for you.  We’re keeping the best of our knowledge and professionalism for you so that we can cater for your every need and ensure your well-being throughout your stay.

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